Some of the following I'll be very willing to buy, while others I'll pick up if I have the extra money. ^^;;

Hakkai = *drool* and this doujinshi looks absolutely stunning. It's "Cage" and drawn by "Mano Teakechi". I must say I love the whole *tragic past and lost love* storyline far too much. ^^;; Oh well, you can never have too much of a good thing. ^^

Dragonball was the 1st anime favourite of mine, and Trunks was my favourite anime character for quite a long time. I present "Gracias" and "Gracias" compliations by the very well known circle "PALs in Kuroshiogumi". ^^

Full Metal Alchemist is the newest series I've gotten "into", but I think it would be safe to say I have not reached the level of obsession yet. ^^;;
Nevertheless, Edward and Alphonse are the cutest brothers I've seen, and their relationship is truly enduring. Gotta love the cover, eh? ^-^ This is a doujinshi from the circle "NenoNeno", or "Miya Nenone."

Alright, I enjoy this series enough to have a likable couple. Yup, none other than Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye. ^^;; They are just so funny sometimes. :p To the left is "The Next Thing One Knows", and it's by "InsidexNoise". But I'm interested in any of her books, because well... because I don't own any. ^^;;

*side note: FMA doujin with this coupling seems to have become very popular/expensive. o_O

I admit, I wasn't a Gundam fan. Okay... it was more like I "hated" gundams. I dunno, huge robots that look like they were made from plastic don't appeal to me. XD BUT after I forced myself to give Gundam Seed a try, I'm sure glad I did. ^^;; Hehehe... I've become an Athrun x Cagalli fan and I want these books! Titled: "??I?" and "RED" they're from the circle, "Kiba" or "Fang". But the books were printed this year so they are fairly recent. ^^

*Note: I'd probably be fairly interested in any Athrun x Cagalli books with nice art that I don't own. ^-^

This is a Devil May Cry doujinshi released by the group "Route SS" and titled, "Devil Impact". I believe it's a collab between 4 different artists.