All the doujinshi in my possession from this series are from the same artist, and it's no coincidence. After obtaining a few of "Plum Garden's" doujinshi, it's not surprising as to why she's so popular.

I've included a few of her doujins below.

"Shinkirou ~ Mirage" :: Copy-bon

"Paradox" :: Copy-bon

"Be With You" :: Copy-bon

"Under The Sun/Under The Moon" :: Copy-bon

Bottom Line? I want any of her Scryed doujinshi that I do not own. Joint books I will consider, but I'm more interested in her Scryed only books. It's too bad they're mostly copy-bons and difficult to get a hold of. -_-

I'm also interested in any books with the Ryuhou x Mimori pairing. ^^