ComicWorld 23: Busan

Alright so this was my first fan comic endeavor in the form of a convention, so you can guess I was very excited. I had finally persuaded my cousin to come with me for the day. She¡¯s the kind of person who has no interest what so ever in anything drawn on paper, so God bless her soul for having the guts to come with me. :D Consider the fact that I¡¯m also in a foreign country, as naive as foreigners get¡¦ so even if I know the language to a decent extent, going alone would not have been the wisest thing to do. ^^;;;

Well all in all I managed to drag my reluctant cousin to the train station in Daejon¡¦ It was around 6 something so she was too sleepy to protest, added with the excitement that we¡¯d be crossing about half of the South Korean mainland on the new super speedy KTX line, we were excited~

The train ride was interesting... ahah it was closer to a passenger flight than a train, complete with stewardesses and those lil fold up trays. ^^;; It was fairly uneventful but I just want to note that the train was VERY fast. I¡¯m talking 300km/h and it peaked inside tunnels which would ZOOM and WHOOSh.. and it was a bit scary. Total travel time: just over 2 hours.

Alright, I suppose I should get on with the actual con. ^^;;; After arriving at Busan station, we had a quick breakfast (I¡¯m talking hardy gookbap *rice and hotpot* with me demanding to scarf down everything in 10 min¡¦ Poor Sung.. she could hardly swallow. >_<) and took a taxi all the way to the Busan Convention Centre where it was taking place (I never fail to be so entertained by Korean taxi drivers¡¦ this man was practically a tour guide ^^)

OKAY! So at the con, the line looked HUGE, especially to a poor lil Canadian tourist as myself¡¦ and the heat was already starting to bother me¡¦ -_- BUT in true Jenn spirit, there was no way something so trivial could affect me. We were standing in line and to my relief it was going fairly quickly, but ahah¡¦ to start off with the first funny story, two Busan native middle school girls were happily yapping away on their cell phones¡¦ and as strange as it sounds, I was scared by their accents¡¦ it just sounded so coarse and as though they were swearing¡¦ >_< But of course¡¦ it must have been strange for a Korean girl to then yapp in English to her cousin about how scary people can sound.. ^^;;;

Inside the flooroom, the actual exhibt area in terms of size was nothing too suprising.. I knew it would be big¡¦. And I felt obliged to run around and to fully take in my surroundings¡¦ (and of course run like a crazy fan girl to Kine¡¯s booth ^^;;)¡¦ and boy was the line already huge. -_- The tiny booth appeared to be engulfed by crowds of ¡°other¡± crazy fangirls.. but I quickly stood in line and prayed that her Bleach dongin would still be in stock¡¦ waiting wasn¡¯t the matter at hand.

So¡¦ only after 2 hours of waiting in a stationary mass of sweating.. screaming (every time a song played they¡¯d just scream -_-) of ¡°overly¡± excited fan girls¡¦ I managed to reach the front of the line¡¦ then wished I hadn¡¯t. >_< OMG¡¦ I do not know of what horror stories there are involving cons¡¦ but this was just scary. Not only was the throng threatening to engulf me, the girls started jabbing with their elbows, pushing, screaming, and grabbing for whatever items they could. -_- It was utter chaos.. and I had no idea what to do¡¦ until I realized that unless I shoved, I¡¯d get nothing. So after much struggle (the booth was almost falling apart, with the poor helpers pleading for patience) I finally got two copies of the bleach dongin.. made a reservation for her next release¡¦ and got all the trinkets I could have *except her shopping bag which sold out*. Although I was disappointed that meeting Kine was out of the question, due to the sheer madness, I knew I¡¯d have another chance at Seoul, so I left the booth area with relative satisfaction. Needless to say it was the most hectic experience at Busan¡¦ and I will not find anything more scarier than FANGIRLS.

Onto the other booths¡¦ after visiting just Kine¡¯s I was already dead beat and getting dizzy¡¦ the heat was so bad and ventilation was non existent. BUT I managed to pick up a fair sum of other donginji with relative ease in comparison. ^^;;; I can¡¯t remember every single one because the Seoul and Busan events were so close, but I can recall a few things (I don¡¯t want to forget mentioning artists¡¦. >_<).

1. All the artists are willing to sign the books you buy if you simply request it. (What I was doing the whole time. ^^;;) And when they ask for your name be sure to spell it out slowly and carefully. Although ¡°Jenn¡± may seem simple, I have more than a few books with scribbles in them when the artists attempted to write my name. ^^;;; I found it amusing and couldn¡¯t help but smile. ^^
2. They are pretty much ALL nice people¡¦ many give away free items with their books and will thank you numerous times for purchasing items¡¦ I won¡¯t even go into how diverse their pre-order gifts can become.
3. If you want to go to the washroom¡¦ forget it.. With all the people you¡¯re going to have to wait in very long lines¡¦ Luckily I was okay.
? 4. I was slightly disappointed by the Cosplayers¡¦ I don¡¯t know maybe I was too busy looking at booths, but I didn¡¯t see very many ¡°wow¡± cosplayers¡¦ especially considering the fact that ComicWorld is Korea¡¯s answer to Comiket.

Okay so that¡¯s a basic conclusion to Busan CW, because we decided to leave early.. (We weren¡¯t conditioned for this type of experience.) It¡¯s kind of a shame I didn¡¯t get to check more of the other displays such as a singing contest, or drawing contest, however I felt bad enough for having to drag my cousin around when she had no INTEREST¡¦ (she was surprisingly very tolerant so I got to thank her for that¡¦ It makes me wonder how it would have been if I had to attend a fashion show with her or something¡¦ *shutter*). So we grabbed a taxi¡¦ conversed with once again a great driver, and after a quick (but more relaxed) late lunch around 4 we proceeded to the station and got on the KTX line for the trip back home.

Here¡¯s my final funny story to end they day. It¡¯s true that ComicWorld in Busan was an experience that will forever be burned into my brain, but I think this will be the most memorable event to mark off the con¡¯s events.


Jenn - *half asleep but happy with an armful of 15 donginji.. scrounges through them and finds one never before seen* Uh¡¦ Sung.. what¡¯s this?
Sung - *half alsleep too* Oh yeah.. I got it while you were in line at Kine¡¯s booth¡¦ The cover looked pretty.
Jenn - *Stares at the cover of Roy from FMA¡± Okay¡¦ let me see what¡¯s in..s¡¦
*Eyes practically bulge out* OMG¡¦ Oh sh*t¡¦
Sung - What¡¯s wrong!?!?
Jenn - Urgh¡¦ this is so hardcore yaoi¡¦ Eww¡¦ *flips more* What¡¯s ED DOIN WITH AL!?!?? OMG¡¦ THEY¡¯RE JUST KIDS!
Sung - Yaoi? What¡¯s¡¦. *blinks rapidly*Uh¡¦ the first page had a guy and girl.. I thought it was Soonjung (K-Shoujo)¡¦
*looks inside* OH NO! WHAT ARE THEY DOING!??! MY EYES!
Jenn - NO SH*T! And they¡¯re BROTHERS¡¦. *starts to laugh hysterically*
Sung - *joins in laughing.. and continues for several minutes*
Jenn - Oh man¡¦. What am I gonna do with this?
*Both become silent and no more words are exchanged on the trip*

Aahahah¡¦ Well let¡¯s just say that was how Sung discovered the fanzine of Yaoi. ^^;;; Thus concludes my report of ComicWorld 23 in Busan!!! Thanks for reading!!