Any unofficial/official artwork ¨Ï of the respective artists.
Any series mentioned on this site is ¨Ï of the studios/corporations.
Anything else is ¨Ï of yours truly. ^^

The base image is an original piece of Aries personified!!!

Lunatic Paradise - Eternity-nim's work once again. Always such soothing and dream like images I luuurve!

Background Music

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To turn off on Firefox, you just have to scroll down, click the button, then scroll back up. Sorry it's more Firefox friendly.

Special Thanks
I would like to thank my personal friend, Hanel, for helping me with the construction of this site. ^^
Being the HTML newbie that I am, I probably would not have been able to get this site up without her help. ^^;;

Image Use Policies
I¡¯ve had this question come up several times already so I¡¯ll answer it to the best of my ability.

I will allow for thumbnails to be taken and used for personal use. Giving credit would be courteous, but it¡¯s not 100% necessary.

However, I will NOT allow for any RAW FULL scans within my collection, to be taken and distributed/displayed elsewhere. There is only one exception: If you would like to take the scans and create layouts/backgrounds/etc *personal use*, feel free to do so. ^^ I just ask for credit of the original scan. :)

And ABOVE all else~!!! MOST importantly¡¦ PLEASE if possible, ask the original artists before you take/use anything (and because I know this may not be possible due to language difficulties), I ask that you ATLEAST clearly credit them. If you take a scan, I¡¯ll live¡¦ BUT PLEASE DO NOT STEAL ARTWORK!!! It would break their hearts. >_<

If I have to, I will enforce the last policy personally. :D

Thank you.