Hmm... nothing really TOO desirable, but I'm a big fan of Yubinbasya's work and it's too bad I'm not into yaoi.-_- I'd love any non yaoi works of hers~ ^^ Scratch that. I'm now currently looking for ALL of her FF books, regardless of how hardcore the yaoi may get (which isn't alot.) I will take on the task of trying to complete a collection of her books, so I say again, I'm interested in ALL of her SINGLE issues, those of which have not already been obtained. Otherwise, here are a few books I'm interested in. They're in no particular order.
Final Fantasy

I've been on the lookout for this one for awhile now. This FFVII doujin is from the famous artist "Himi Kanzaki" or "Plum Garden".

This book is titled "Mermaid" and from the well known artist "Tenshin Monogatari". Her work is very nice in my opinion. I'm also looking to acquire "Papillion" as well. ^^

A couple of Tooko Miyagi's Final Fantasy works. You gotta love that washed out Shoujo style~ ^-^

Yubinbasya's "Peach Pit." I'll probably only take mint/near mint for a relatively good price, because I still see it around. ^^