Vast Majority Of Collection Up For Offers!

Hello Everyone!

I know this site has been neglected for almost two years and I'm afraid to say I've drifted away from this hobby. I may still collect the odd book here or there but seeing as my best loved series are not being replaced by new ones the drive to find more doujinshi has subsided along with the focus of my collection.

However, my loss is your gain. I have decided to clear out the vast majority of my collection and find better homes for many, many books.

I have no way of pricing every single doujinshi I would be willing to part with so I've noted some series or artists I would NOT be willing to sell. There may be some exceptions but the guide below is a good one to follow. I may have also missed some books but that will have to be taken care of on an individual basis.

So yes, feel free to make on offer on anything that hasn't been noted on this list. If you're unsure of pricing, please look at my original for sale page.

EXCEPTIONS: (NOT FOR SALE SECTIONS) Anything NOT noted here is game. :D

1. Series :: Rurouni Kenshin
2. Circle :: Kine in AQUA
3. Circle :: Android NO, 23
4. Series :: Devil May Cry
5. Circle :: Aga
6. Series :: Final Fantasy (most but not all)
7. Circle :: Butterfly (Nijica Kotohira)
8. Circle :: 33.3 Ciel (some not all)
9. Series :: Lord Of The Rings
10. Artist :: Chibaso
11. Series :: Original (most but not all)
12. Series :: Mix

Special Notes:
I. There are quite a few books I have doubles of, but are not listed for sale on the site. If you really want a book you see doubles of, let me know! We can probably work out a deal~ ^^
II. I'm willing to trade my double yubinbasya books for ANY of the older books I do not have (pre 2004). Please contact me if you would like to trade!

One * beside the doujinshi denotes - On Hold.
Two *'s beside the doujinshi denotes - Sold Out.

No partial holds will be accepted. I may choose to consider an offer but leave it open until I decide to sell. Again, sales are only final when the purchase price of the book and shipping price have been completed.
I will accept Paypal, well concealed cash in the mail either of US or Canadian currency, and money order valid in CANADA (i.e. USPS IPMO). However, in the case of snail mail payments, if it's lost I can't be held responsible and I will have to charge 6% on the total for Paypal payments. Sorry. :(

Upon the arrival of payment, I will ship out the doujinshi within 24-48 hours at latest (except weekends). I package securely, so no worries on that. ^^ Shipping quotes for regular airmail are estimated to be around 5 dollars within Canada, 7 for the US, and more for international requests (Yes! I ship worldwide!!^^).

Please direct yourself over to Testiomials page to review feedback from previous customers!

If you are interested in anything and have any questions, please email me personally. Contact info is posted on the website.