Doujinshi Shopping Links
Aestheticism - A yaoi gold mine, this place is popular for both their efficient service and their cheap prices. ^^ <- Currently not open. >_<
AnimeTen - Formally USanime, their doujinshi stock is sure to grow~ I recommend this place, having done business with them before. Abel is really a nice guy. ^_^
Ebay - Does anyone not know of this place? The auction behemoth, you're sure to find something here. Although getting what you want may depend on the size of your wallet and some luck.
Fisheye's Mall - You gotta do some digging here, but the prices are very cheap. Worth your trouble I'd say.
Goody Japan - Finally a deputy service that offers not only REASONABLE rates but Takayuki-san is a pleasurable person to deal with. Japan's doujinshi scene has become my backyard and I feel so liberated... XD
Happy Otaku Site - Toshi-san has doujinshi of all kinds for sale. Having bought from here before, his service is excellent. ^-^
Jpngoodskoba - Some great books here~ Another place I recommend. ^-^
Jpqueen - Everything straight from Japan. There's more than just doujinshi ~ Done buisness with them and results were positive!
Juline's Dreams - I've bought some doujin here, and the prices are great. Lot's of sales going on here~ ^^
Nekotachi - A store layout oozing with cuteness, a place that will surely please the yaoi fangirl. If you dig POT Yaoi... this is your heaven.
Ransky and Reica's Shop - Ransky mostly sells on Ebay, but he does list some things on his personal auctions. I love his ssrvice and he's great to deal with. ^_^
Ultimate Anime - A stock of doujinshi that seems to be growing larger and larger on a regular basis. I've done business with them before the merger with Ultimate Anime and I liked the results. ^^
Threadless - NOT doujinshi related but I LOVE their shirts. All the prints are unique and limited. Don't miss out on the 10 dollar holiday sale on right now!

Doujinshi Artists/Circles

Aga ::Korean:: - Her art inspires me and hits a chord as no other artist can. Her style... her technique.. I just adore and admire. Aga-nim I believe is my personal favourite. ^=^

Asian Girl ::Japanese:: - One of the few GinRan artists out there, be sure to go visit! Great raw style that's edgy and strong. She speaks very good English so feel free to request an order! Tell her Jenn says hi! ^_^

Android NO, 23 ::Japanese:: - One of my favourite Bleach circles, I like how the artist so effectively sticks with her own sense of style to express the characteristics of Ichigo and Rukia. :)

Arang + Uma ::Korean:: - Another artist who uses water colours so effectively! Bright colours and contrasting whites.. It was delightful to meet such a considerate artist in person. Uma-nim is in change of the "written" components. ^_^

Ayo::Korean:: - I just dig the funked out style~^^;;; Great use of shades and groovin art with a bang! Definately fresh. :D

Chibaso ::Korean:: - The amount of detail she puts into her work is astonding... from the most subtle shading to the strongest shadows. :) The site is also very "original" and top notch work!

Ciel ::Korean:: - If there is one thing Ciel-nim really excels at... it's her toning. It is eyeboggling detailed with a certain sketchy charm. :) Her CG skills are pretty elite too.

Cu-rime ::Korean:: - Nice and solid art style. Her adaptation for full metal alchemist is like the original.... but different somehow. I like it a lot~ Great artist in person with a bright personality. :)

elC ::Korean:: - Very well known for her works of Gundam Seed, her style can only be defined as uber cute. Her books are again difficult to get a hold of and its not hard to see why. ^^;;

Eternity::Korean:: - The angst and *feel* to her characters is simply captivating.Dream like and ethereal, with an air classic ambience. It's *so* MY style. ^^;;

Gohee::Korean:: - One of my fav Korean Bleach artists.. I think her stories are well written and uniquely cute~ Even though she enjoys to use alot of hot colours.. hey art retains a soft, subtle aspect.

Houseki Hime ::Japanese:: - Very nice use of watery, subtle colouring. What can I say about the famed Houseki Hime, the circle that is not only famous for their art but stories as well?

Kine ::Korean:: - Just absolutely stunning. Soft pastel colours and plenty of doe-eyes. ^^;; The most beautiful bishonen youll ever see. Really. Honestly, her personality is just as beautiful as her art~ ^-^

Kilix ::Korean:: - Wow~ watercoulors are vibrant and done with much skill. The pain-staking attention to detail is very evident. I love the realism as well. ^-^

Kite ::Korean:: - As a fan of LoTR... her portrayal of Aragorn is just *drool*. One of the best LoTR fan artists in my opinion. ^^

kk + Chong Ru ::Korean:: - Two very talented artists with a joint website, their drawings are amazing. Look at the details in their b/w sketches. Can you tell I adore watercolours? XD

Maple Tree ::Korean:: - Beautiful pastel tones, and her depictions of semi-realism for her character styles are fresh and very unique. Fell in love at first sight. @_@

Mirunai::Korean:: - Another artist talented in the use of watercolours, I adore the soft and whimsical characteristics of her technique.

Nijika + Homare::Japanese:: - Shoujo style to the max, the angst and artful strokes you cant help but love. I've spoken to Homare-san and she was very nice~

Plum Garden ::Japanese:: - Her art is so pretty. What can you not love about it? ^_~

Rae::Chinese:: - Rae is simply a MASTER. I cant downgrade her on anything. The style is stellar the technique is flawless, her artwork BREATHES life in every possible aspect. Original enough to be unique, and yet educated enough to be fundamental, Id say she outshines most professionals from any background.

Redviolet2::Korean:: - Nice~ A very professional style and she has some talented CG skills. I'm glad I stumbled upon her site~! ^-^x

Rustyuri ::Korean:: - This artist focuses on original work. Her watercolour skills are amazing and I love the surreal feel of her paintings. One of the best watercolourists I've seen. ^^

Ryo ::Korean:: - I'd like to mention the nice lines and solid proportions of her characters. Being drawn to her work proves I'm more into a "realistic" style versus a "cute" one.

Seryu::Korean:: - I love the style and her art has an atmosphere which is hard to describe. It just has that artistic feel, you know? She was also very courteous and polite when I met her. ^-^

Wolfina ::Japanese:: - OMG.. I actually don't know if this artist makes doujin... but the CG art is eye-popping. *SO tempted to call myself a Dante fan-girl...* XD

Yi Lee ::Korean:: - Quite frankly one of Koreas most famous donginji artists, her books are hard to find and sell for A LOT. Very unique style as she seems to be a fan of American comics (esp. Bryan Fury.. okay that's Tekken. ^^:;) ^_~x

Yubinbasya ::Japanese:: - I adore her work. The edgy style, and dream like colours.. *sigh* But I suppose that goes without saying. XD

More will be added soon!

Personal Doujinshi Pages
Another Heaven - This is Cheryl's personal reference site for her doujin collection and wow... There are so many high-end doujinshi that often cost alot money to obtain @_@. Also, the simple but soft layout is easy to nagivate and explore! Her personal collection is HUGE and I'm sure her site will reflect that. :D
Bad Habit! - A doujinshi collection covering a broad array of different series from various circles/artists. Not only this, she has a neat collection of doujin stationary, comprised mostly from the pieces of the circle, "Green Glass"(gorgeous, very detailed artwork by the way ^_~). Her link collection is immense! One of the largest I've seen for English doujinshi sites. XD :: Has this site died? ;_;
Crazy Planet - Saz's doujin collection is another focusing on the normal genre of boyxgirl couplings~ Not to mention, her most collected series' appear to be Naruto, Gundam Wing, and Gundam Seed! Layout is sooo pretty in pink~~ I like the helpful FAQ as well~ ^^
Doujinshi Online - Marisa Price's famous doujinshi resource, it's great to see its revival! Currently her personal collection is displayed, and major outlined series include, "Dragonball", "Neon Genesis Evangelion", and "Gundam Wing"!! But.. she does have alot of doujin from other series too~ Be sure to check it out!
Forgotten Dreams - Kayassine's site reflects her doujin collection including many classic series (i.e. "Dragonball", "Full metal alchemist", "Inuyasha", etc") and the layout is easily browsable. Be sure to check out the Sale/Trade page, you'll find some good books!
Indou's Doujinshi - Indou's doujinshi review site, it's brand new and ready for your enjoyment~ The layout is straight forward and direct. She has great summaries for her doujinshi and "Harry Potter" seems to be her main focal series, but she has a collective from other series as well. :)
Panikku! - I've known this site for awhile now, as Estefania's site is mostly Roy x Riza centric~ Alot of doujinshi from that coupling are featured and the site layout is so very pretty!
Samurai Blade - A Collection site between the two collectors Rin and Jay, "Final Fantasy" and "Bleach" appear to be their focal series. They share the same coupling interests as me as well, so it's interesting to see some like-minded collectors out there~
Soul to Stand - Charisma's fresh new doujinshi site includes a mix of series including: Bleach, Naruto and Gundam Wing~ I gotta admit though, her minimalist no nonsense layout is really easy on the eyes. Love her artist tastes too!


Passion - A Doujinshi Fanlisting - A doujinshi fanlisting with a great collection of links and lots of doujin fans. Be sure to visit, or join if you own a doujinshi related website. ^^

Still Here - A Kenshin & Tomoe Doujinshi Fanlisting - Wow... I can't believe I *just* found this fanlisting. XD It's too perfect for words... Join if you support KenshinxTomoe and/or collect doujinshi!!

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