Toronto International Film Festival :: 2006

Mushishi: Live Action Movie

ComicWorld :: Korea's Fan Comic Convention
ComicWorld is basically Korea's largest fan comic event, and it's roughly the equivalent to Japan's Comiket. The only differences include: Very high frequency of events (practically once a month) versus the bi-annual Comiket event, and the fact that it takes place regulary in both Seoul (the capital) and Busan (2nd largest city).
However, it's safe to say that it's not as big as Japan, even though attendance rate is by far larger than anything in North America. The booth count I believe is around 700-800, and I'm not too sure how many attend. I'd guess. around 50,000-100,000. ^^;;;
Regular events aside from the main "dongin" selling include: Artwork Gallery, Illustrating Contests, Cosplay, Karaoke Contests, and other manga related events. ^^

ComicWorld 23: Busan
ComicWorld 40: Seoul