ComicWorld 40: Seoul

Okay.. this is another LONG overdue report, but I¡¯ll try to write everything that I can remember. (Note to self, reports are to be written right after the actual event. Not ¨ú of a year later. >_<)

Alright so here was my 2nd opportunity to attend a big comic event in Korea, and after the ¡°sampler¡± in Busan, I felt ready to tackle the big event, in the big city, in over 30 degrees of humid heat. -_- Call me crazy.. but the trip was really awesome.

My Cuz and I this time went to Seoul for a visit to relatives as well in the process, so we had to drag all her younger siblings¡¦ which really didn¡¯t turn out to be half bad, (Uh.. maybe because I abandoned her for like 50% of the con? Oops¡¦Ahahaha.. you still love me right Sung? ^^;;)

This was my last opportunity, so I wanted to make the best of it. The entrance line flowed even faster then the one in Busan *even though the line was 10x bigger* so that was a big plus. The exhibition floor was by far larger and spanned two floors¡¦ and I don¡¯t know why, but the damn escalators only worked one way up. You could only get down using a single flight of stairs.. and that majorly sucked because not only were there a trillion people, but the air conditioning was pretty bad, BUT better than Busan. THANK GOD. The air condition left me a bit peppier than last time so I got more things done this time. ^^ I was very happy how things turned out.

First thing on the agenda was running over to Kine-nim¡¯s booth, oh and no surprise the line was already 50 feet long. -_- Ah! But this girl had learned a valuable lesson this time around (Never be a pushover). So because the booth was actually a double, I saw Kine-nim working away while her helpers (God bless their mighty souls) dealt with the rabid fans. I snuck past the line, and being completely¡¦ (urgh this word¡¦ I hate to describe myself¡¦.) fangirlish -_- said Hello to her like it¡¯s the most normal thing in the world (smiling like an idiot and giddy which made it 50x worse).. and wow¡¦ She was so nice.. o_O

When I asked her to sign the book I bought (nerd strikes again ? the one I bought in Busan.. which I dragged all the way here -_-), she asked my name and I said ¡°Jenn¡±. Ah here comes the real shocker¡¦ she actually ¡°knew¡± me from previous visits online to her site. O_O I was very surprised¡¦ but she was sOOooo kind and we chatted for a bit~ ^^ Also the fact that she gave me a free gift was so very sweet, and saying thank you a million times afterwards, I actually returned with a handful of drinks (I know, really insignificant gesture.. but that¡¯s all I could think of at the time >_<). Wow amazing to meet such a talented artist who is so patient with her fans in person~ Really left a mark, and I wish her the best in her life¡¯s pursuit.

I actually was able to carefully explore a lot more booths, and hehehe.. I felt ¡°special¡± to stroll around and pick up any pre orders while leisurely looking around at everything (nerd strike two). -_-;; BUT a booth that strikes me, was a small FMA booth, with a very skilled art piece of Edward hung up as display pics (cover of Platina Blond) . Naturally curious, I stroll over (I smile A LOT for no reason) and a quiet young woman very courteously lets me look through a book, (and by now I¡¯d feel really bad if I didn¡¯t buy a copy) so I said I wanted to buy one and she gives me the CUTEST SMILE! (If I was a guy¡¦ I¡¯d be blushin like mad LOL)¡¦ and man when I asked for a signature.. she thanked me a bagillion times literally.. and in reply I said thank you a bagillion times.(Took literally 5 min) ^^;;; Oh man she was soooo courteous~ ( I later found her website¡¦ which is in the links section and her name is Seryu-nim! Be sure to visit her site, love the art ^_~x)

Let¡¯s see.. other booths with stories.. There was so much talent (honestly it¡¯s just in name an amateur event, art is top notch). I bought 3 bleach donginjis from Gohee-nim¡¯s and Penta-nim¡¯s shared booth. It was kinda funny how I pointed to them (this, this, and this please ^^*) and asked for their signatures. Chibi Ichigo and Rukia say hi on the cover pages. ^^;;;;

Oh yes! I actually knew of Arang-nim and Uma-nim before the event (actually in Canada so I¡¯d say I¡¯d drop by online), and I was planning to pick up their newest Saiyuki book. Well low and behold, when I asked for their signatures once again, they knew who I was! Ahaha.. (nerd strike three ? wasn¡¯t even very surprised even though it was only the 2nd incident. -_-) They were so nice TOO! Oh man.. Arang-nim gave me a couple of free posters and a fan-made sticky pad (note to self ? Thank them next time with GOOD gifts). So we chatted for a bit too, and it felt so good to meet them in person! Wow.. artists really are the nicest people in the world. ^^

Alright, final little incident that was both good and bad, but I noticed this big purple book that a lot of people were carrying around, and naturally again I was curious where it was from. Seeing my chance to stop a couple guys and ask, I asked them who¡¯s book it was¡¦ and they were dim or something.. because the dude thought I meant who literally owned the book. -_- So I¡¯m like ¡°Nono.. I mean who¡¯s book is it? As in the circle?¡± They both stared at me dumbly, (which left me felt like I was speakin another language) so I just said thanks and let them go.. -_- Not only did I feel like a dumbass, but I didn¡¯t find out where the book was. Anywho, I was determined to find it, so (2 laps around the entire 2 floors) later I found the book (Dark Design) being sold by a rather vibrant and cheery group of people. I don¡¯t know how the hell I could have missed it, but I got the book so I was happy. ^-^

New things learned:
1. A huge comic event with 100,000 people in the dead heat of summer = not necessarily suicide.
2. Fan artists are very nice people.
3. Seoul event may be bigger but is a hella more organized.
4. The reason I didn¡¯t see many cosplayers at Busan was because they were all outside (Imagine the shock when I see a BIGGER throng of people outside the centre than inside). -_-
5. Fan artists are very nice people.

By the end of several hours, my feet had gone past the degree of numbness, and the kids were getting cranky (Unbelievable how they could keep up with me in my *hunt all down* mode, but they did. ^^;;) , so we got started taking our leave. Comicworld Seoul was such a unique experience¡¦ WITHOUT A DOUBT I¡¯ll SEE YOU AGAIN!!! Next time I get a chance to hop on a plane to Korea, I¡¯m so there. ^^;;;

P.S. Sorry NO funny story this time. ;_; Nothing that I can remember anywayz¡¦ >_<

Finito! Thanks for reading~~~ ^_^x