Here are some positive testimonies from my previous customers. They have been ordered from the oldest to the newest. Thank you very much for your kind words!


"Very helpful, understanding and flexable seller. Items arrived quickly and in great condition, nothing to complain about whatsoever. Thanks a lot!" - Jessica

"Quick flawless transaction, speedy communication, warm and friendly and most importantly LOVE the doujin. Excellent Trader. Highly recommended. A+++++" - Cate

"Fast replies, reliable, personable, and has great stuff ^^ Would buy from again" - Hannah

"Super quick responses, and fast shipping - all with an ultra-friendly girl with an awesome collection. What more can I say? I'd order from her anytime. <3" - Julie (Jan. 2007)

"Very polite, good communication, quickly shipped, and the doujinshi was in excellent condition. Thanks! =)" - Kim

"Package arrived speedily and in excellent condition~ A pleasure to do business with!" - Renee (Jul. 2007)

"Fast arrival, extremely pleasant to deal with and I'll definitely be doing business with again in the future. Thank you. <3" - Sarah (Jan. 2008)

"Very easy to do business with, fast shipping and friendly service. Would buy from again, anytime! A++" - Andrew (Apr. 2008)

"You work efficiently and the book is in excellent quality and you keep to your word. I'm glad I ordered from you =)" - Laura (May. 2008)

"Books are in great condition. Postage was no problem. And you were an awesome person! To be honest I can't wait to do business with you again!" - Nikki (May. 2008)

"Good communication, very fast shipment, and the item was in perfect condition. Thank you very much!" - Annaliese (Aug. 2008)

"Your service was polite, professional, prompt and I've run out of P's... no seriously:
Jenn has an amazingly broad range of doujinshi to offer for sale, including some very unique copies such as artist-signed ones. All of her doujinshi are carefully picked to be high quality, both in art and story.I found her to be quite knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her doujinshi, showing me that she's an interested fan not just another seller. She is very polite and professional in her email correspondance, and quick to reply to queries. I needed extra help to pick out a couple doujinshi for the ichi_ruki LJ community contest and she was glad to guide my purchase (for which I'm very satisfied), telling me which circles had the best art and fit my 'requests' for romance but nothing higher rated than PG-13. I promptly received my two doujinshi shipped from her within a week of my purchase, well protected with sturdy plastic wrap, each, and a piece of cardboard to prevent bending. The doujinshi were in "like new" condition, as promised. Jenn was a pleasure to do business with and I'd highly recommend others buy doujinshi from her with confidence, knowing they will get a high-quality purchase and no bad surprises. Thanks, Jenn, for the excellent doujinshi---I know the winners of my community contest will be very happy with them as prizes!" - HN (Aug. 2008)

"Hey Jenn I got the book today and I love love love it :) It's in such good condition too, thank you so much!" - Rachy (Jan. 2011)

"I just want to express my gratitude to Jenn for selling her Howl & PoT doujinshi to me and being very understanding about my delay in payment because I had purchased a MoneyPak that didn't transfer my money to my paypal. It took a whole week to get my refund. During this time someone else had showed interest in the books as well. Jenn was extremely patient and understanding that she put those books on hold for me. Jenn is the kindest seller I've met, so far. Words can't express how grateful I am to her for her kindness. Her service was very professional and her emails were always polite. The books were in excellent condition and shipment was very fast. Thanks so much Jenn, for your patience and kindness! Thank you for the gifts as well! XD" - La (May. 2012)

"Seller was quick to respond to emails. Very helpful, Patient and understanding with questions and concerns. Received Item quick, and in great condition. Was very fun to get to do business with another collector that appreciates the arts. Would love to do business with again, Thanks so much!" - Fiore (May. 2012)